Dinosaur Activity Tablet

Play and explore together with dinosaurs

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The Dinosaur Tablet makes the impossible possible: playing and discovering together with dinosaurs. Five colorful and friendly dinosaurs enhance color perception and assist in developing fine motor skills and practicing hand-eye coordination. This Tablet is versatile and can be used during tummy time, placed in the crib, or used in the car seat. It brings joy through play and is an educationally valuable toy.
Dinosaur Activity Tablet

Beautifully designed books that entertain and at the same time promote the child's cognitive, motor and social development

- Bonita Turner, Junior Editor

Meaningful Play

This play essential enhances specific cognitive, fine motor and social & emotional skills. Find out which milestones they cover below.

Cognitive milestones



Logical Thinking

Visual Perception

Fine motor skills

Pincer Grip

Zip up and Down



Social and emotional development




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