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Quiet Books are interactive, child-friendly and educational books that offer numerous opportunities for imaginative activity and independent learning.

From simple activities like animal memory, assigning colors and shapes, playing with finger puppets to multiplication tables and reading the clock - our Quiet Books promote the cognitive, motor and social development of your child depending on their age and interests. They are also known as silent books, interactive books, busy books, fabric books, activity books, sensory books, motor skills books, or tactile books.

Quiet Books ermöglichen dem Kind eine Vielzahl an Fähigkeiten zum Üben und Lernen, beispielsweise im Bereich der Feinmotorik, Konzentration, Hand-Auge-Koordination, Ordnungsverständnis sowie logischen Denkens.

They are intuitive and therefore require a minimum of explanation.

The child's creativity and imagination are stimulated by colors and contrasts - without any sound effects, which are often found in conventional toys.

They can be used in a variety of ways, stimulate the imagination and encourage role-playing. They fit in every handbag, are quickly packed up, stowed away and easy to carry. They are a savior in every situation - especially when your child needs to be quietly and meaningfully occupied. Such situations range from visiting the doctor to long car journeys, flights or simply at home.

They are imaginative and special gifts for Christmas or birthdays.

We have divided our books into age groups from six months to six years. Each age group has different categories to adapt the book to your child's individual needs and interests. You can filter by zero to three or three to six years.

Every child is different and has different needs - we recommend that you also consider categories and age groups that at first glance may not suit your child in terms of age. For each of our Quiet Books there is a video on the respective product page, which shows the entire content and the many possibilities that the Quiet Book offers. Our age recommendation is also included under each product.

Eine vollständige Altersübersicht zu allen unseren Quiet Books findest Du hier

We offer Quiet Books for different age groups. Our assortment ranges from newborns (from 0) to preschool children (up to 6 years).

Für Neugeborene bieten wir beispielsweise unser Black and White Büchlein an. Dieses fördert besonders die Hell- Dunkel- Kontrast Erkennung. So wird nicht nur die Haptik verbessert, sondern regt und stimuliert auch die Gehirntätigkeiten.

Ab drei Monaten können Quiet Books - z.B. in Bauchlage entdeckt und befühlt werden. Hier bietet unser Happy Sheep Quiet Book die perfekte Mischung für das Erfühlen und Erleben von verschiedenen Texturen.

Zum 1-Jährigen Geburtstag bietet unser Happy Bearsday Quiet Book das passende Geburtstagsgeschenk. Dieses zelebriert nicht nur den Geburtstag, sondern fördert durch verschiedene Aktivitäten auch noch die Feinmotorik, Geschicklichkeit, Farberkennung, Auge- Hand- Koordination, Zuordnung und das Zahlenverständnis.

Für 2-3-Jährige bieten wir Quiet Books zur gezielten Förderung von Rollenspiel und anderen motorischen Aktivitäten an. Hier eignen sich z.B. Kleiner Pilot oder Traumjob

Passend zur Einstimmung in den Schulstart bieten unsere Quiet Books ABC und 1,2,3 eine tolle Vorbereitung für die Schule mit ihrem Fokus auf Buchstaben, Zahlen und Rechnen lernen.

However, we would like to emphasize here that every child is different and has different needs - we therefore recommend that when choosing the Quiet Book, you make the selection more according to the child's interests.

We use all kinds of fabrics such as Velcro, buttons, fasteners and beads of all kinds. The fabric of the books is made of felt and cotton. All are of course tested and recommended for use with children and toddlers.


Die Quiet Books können gewaschen werden. Die genaue Anleitung zur Pflege unserer Quiet Books findest du hier:

We would like to highlight that our Quiet Books are sustainable. Because the topic of sustainability is implemented by Jolly Designs in the entire production and ordering process:

For example, we use sustainable materials in our Quiet Books because the material used in the book is biodegradable and the metal parts used are recyclable. Therefore all our Quiet Books are almost 100% Oeko-Tex certified (with the exception of the string/cord used in Quiet Books). However, we are currently actively working on finding a sustainable alternative for the string/cord in order to certify the product as 100% Oeko-Tex. This would make Jolly Designs the first manufacturer in the world to produce Oeko-Tex certified Quiet Books.

Zudem setzen wir bei der Herstellung der Quiet Books in unserer eigenen Produktion in Indien, auf ein faires Miteinander. Daher erhalten unsere NäherInnen Urlaub, Lohnfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall und Mutterschaftsurlaub. Sie haben ebenfalls Anspruch auf bezahlten Urlaub für religiöse und kommunale Feiern. Wir behandeln sie mit großem Respekt, denn ein gutes Arbeitsklima ist die Voraussetzung für eine langjährige Zusammenarbeit. Hier finden Sie einen Einblick in unsere Produktion Um die genannten Produktions- und Arbeitsbedingungen in der Produktion nachzuweisen, wird die Produktion regelmäßig mit dem ETI SEDEX Zertifikat auditiert, das die Arbeitsbedingungen (keine Kinderarbeit, faire Bezahlung, Gesundheit & Sicherheit, Umwelt & Unternehmensethik) prüft.

In addition to the product, we also design the shipping of the goods to be sustainable, as we completely dispense with plastic packaging when delivering from India. Our production only sends the Quiet Books in cloth bags and the end customer also receives them in cloth bags. Our packaging is therefore environmentally friendly. In addition, the end customer receives his delivery via DHL Go Green. This reduces the ecological footprint.

In summary, this means that we implement the topic of sustainability in our entire value chain and are constantly in the process of integrating the topic even more.

Wir bieten unsere Quiet Books in unserem Onlineshop und auf Etsy an.

Darüber hinaus findest Du unsere Quiet Books auch in diversen deutschen, Österreichischen und Schweizer Kinderläden und Onlineshops. Alle unsere Händler findest Du in unserem Store Locator.

Gerne kannst Du uns in unserem Büro & Lager in Oberursel besuchen kommen und unsere Quiet Books vor Ort bestaunen. Schreibe uns dafür am besten eine E-Mail an, wann Du uns gerne besuchen kommen möchtest.

Alternativ kannst Du unsere Quiet Books auch bei unseren Händlern live zu entdecken und erleben. Hier findest du unsere Händler in Deiner Nähe Store Locator.

Yes, the Quiet Books can be personalized with the child's name. We embroider or plot the closing band of the Quiet Book with the child's name. Only names with a length of 7 letters are possible for the embroidery of the name. The personalization function can be found on the individual product pages. If the function is currently not available, please send us an e-mail with a name request.

We also offer vouchers, which you can find and order via the Voucher menu. As soon as you have bought a voucher, we will send you the voucher code via email.

It is currently not possible and not planned to put the books together individually - but we look forward to your feedback and take your suggestions and requests very seriously.

Depending on the screen settings, the colors may vary. Also, the color of the material may vary depending on material availability (e.g. buttons or front/back fabric), but this does not affect the Quiet Book's function or overall appearance.

Please allow us 24 hours to respond to your written requests. We take enough time for every customer and every inquiry.

After the order has been received, the goods usually leave our warehouse between 24 and 48 hours. If there is a different availability or delivery date in the order confirmation for Quiet Books, the entire order will only be sent on the specified date.

Wir versenden international. Aktuell sind wir in Gesprächen die Quiet Books ebenso in Ladengeschäften in ganz Europa anzubieten. Mithilfe von unserem Store Locator halten wir dich auf dem Laufenden.

The videos are currently available in English, German and Italian - other languages ​​will follow soon.

Gerne können wir Dir Ersatzteile zusenden. Bitte fülle das folgende Formular aus und sende es ab. Dann können wir Dir die angefragten Ersatzteile kostenlos zusenden.

We add a cloth bag to every order so you can keep the book. The book is safely stowed away and can be taken anywhere.

Please write us an email at together with your order number, the desired updated product details and the complete shipping information. If your order has not yet been dispatched, we can change it.

Please write us an email at with your order number. If your order has not yet been dispatched, we can cancel your order immediately. If it is already on the way to you, we ask you to follow our return form.

If a book is sold out, we may either be waiting for a new delivery or have recently removed the book from our range. Therefore we ask you to send an email to

We do not offer a gift service. This means that the Quiet Book is not gift-wrapped. However, we do include a colored pouch with each package and a gift tag with a personal message if desired. Please include your personal message with your order.

The price is due to the fact that each book is handcrafted piece by piece - e.g. B. every seam, every part is sewn individually. The books are subject to strict quality controls to be safe for little hands. They are timeless, durable, of high quality and stand up to years of intensive play. Your value remains constant. The books are extremely time-consuming and complicated to produce.

Gerne kannst Du uns in unserem Büro & Lager in Oberursel besuchen kommen und unsere Quiet Books vor Ort kaufen. Schreibe uns dafür am besten eine E-Mail an, wann Du uns gerne besuchen kommen möchtest.

Bitte schicke das Quiet Book inkl. Retourenformular an folgende Adresse zurück:

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Once the package has reached us, we will refund the Quiet Book.

Ja, wir liefern in die Schweiz. Bei der Bestellung einfach als Lieferland Schweiz auswählen, dann kannst du deine Daten eingeben. Alternativ liefern auch folgende Schweizer Onlineshops:

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The confirmation e-mail can often not be sent if an incorrect e-mail address was given when ordering. Please check that your e-mail address is correct.

We would be happy to exchange your unused Quiet Book for another Quiet Book. Please email us at for further processing.