Manufacturing process

"Big things are brought together by a series of little things." - Vincent van Gogh

Each of our Quiet Books goes through an elaborate manufacturing process that requires many creative minds and many experienced hands. We are a whole team that ensures that our ideas, fabrics, buttons and trimmings ultimately result in a long-lasting product that encourages children to learn creatively, trains their senses and takes them on a playful journey of discovery.

This is how our production works:

- We come up with something new for each Quiet Book. After extensive brainstorming and the first sketches, the detailed draft is carried out by our creative team.

- The next step is the production of a prototype, through which we find out which fabrics and basic materials (Velcro, buttons, zippers, etc.) we need for the end product. There is a special focus on toy safety - after all, all of our Quiet Books not only have to meet our own high quality standards, but also the strict requirements of the European EN 71 toy standard.

- In our workshop in India, all fabrics are first carefully pre-washed and the individual materials are sorted. Then all large and small pieces are cut out, up to 250 pieces per book.

- Our seamstresses carefully sew on every single detail by hand. As the last step, the individual pages are put together and the book is ready to be sent to our warehouse in Germany.

We offer our seamstresses good and flexible working conditions and treat them with great respect, because a good working atmosphere is the prerequisite for long-term cooperation. Creativity lives from freedom, which is also important to us in the production of our Quiet Books. Our seamstresses not only put a lot of experience, but also a lot of care and attention to detail in each of our products. Smaller variations, be it the selection of a fabric for an application, the number of stitches or the shape of a button, make each of our Quiet Books a very special one-off.

Big things are brought together by a series of little things. We are convinced that it is precisely these little things, all the many work steps, the love of details, colors and materials, the interaction of many creative people that make you feel something very special in your hands when you buy one of our handmade Quiet Books.

And now? Discover our range and bring our Quiet Books home!