Wenn ich einmal groß bin – 2 Seiten
Wenn ich einmal groß bin – 2 Seiten
Wenn ich einmal groß bin – 2 Seiten
Wenn ich einmal groß bin – 2 Seiten

When I Grow Up - 2 Pages

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When I grow up learning Quiet Book for toddlers consisting of two pages conveys toddlers a first impression in interesting professions. With two felt figures (one girl and one boy) children are invited to dress them with costumes fitting the respective profession. This activity and learning Quiet Book make Toddlers commit a thought travel and simultaneously improve motoric skills:

Which occupation would you like to practice today? Would you like to work at the fire station, extinguish fire and save lifes? Or will you go to the police and take care of security? Maybe you rather want to leave earth and go to the space in order to observe earth from another perspective? In addition to that, the activity book When I grow up offers you the possibility to heal sick ones and take care of them. Besides these mentioned professions our educational toy When I grow up presents you numerous further careers. You only have to get ready with your stuff dolls and dress them with any costume you would like them to wear.

The activity Quiet Book When I grow up offers a gender justified impression in several professions, supports hand- motor and hand- eye coordination skills as well as fine motor skills. The Quiet Book offers a variety of role play oppurtunities for the kids to imagine and play different occupations and immerse themselves in various situation. Its a perfect start to teach kids importance and role of different occupations and how each one of them is important for us in day to day life.

Through the usage of the Growing Up Quiet Book for toddlers you can improve the following skills:

  • Role play and imagination
  • thinking logical
  • expansion of vocabulary
  • motor- eye and motor- hand coordination skills
  • fine motor skills
  • dialogues

Quiet Book for toddlers recommendation for age: from 2 years

  • dimensions: 21,5cm*21,5cm
  • used materials: felt and 100% cotton
  • weight: 250 grams
  • examined quality according to EN71/1-3 and CE. Download Test Report.