Regenbogen – 6 Seiten Mini Quiet Book
Regenbogen – 6 Seiten Mini Quiet Book
Regenbogen – 6 Seiten Mini Quiet Book
Regenbogen – 6 Seiten Mini Quiet Book
Regenbogen – 6 Seiten Mini Quiet Book
Regenbogen – 6 Seiten Mini Quiet Book
Regenbogen – 6 Seiten Mini Quiet Book
Regenbogen Mini Quiet Book Test Report- Jolly Designs

Rainbow - 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book

Jolly Designs
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Our Rainbow Quiet Book for babies is suitable from 6 months. Through the delicious strawberry on the cover of our Rainbow Quiet Book for babies, your child is guaranteed to keep busy for hours. The Rainbow Quiet Book for babies is designed with great pastel colours. It makes children's eyes light up and gives free rein to their imagination.

The Rainbow Mini Quiet Book for babies uses pastel colours to playfully promote various motor activities such as

  • Recognising and learning colours
  • Sorting and naming shapes
  • fine motor skills
  • eye-hand coordination
  • language development
  • Vocabulary development
  • Learning Velcro, button, press-stud and zip.
  • toys & gifts for kids

On the front page a photo of your child can be placed and the push button can be practised.

On the second page, a funny fox can play peek-a-boo with the help of Velcro.

On the next page there is a rubber duck that likes to be pulled from left to right over a thread. On the same page there is also a cloud that the child can cleverly remove from a button, don't worry its attached with a rubber band, so the cloud remains a part of the book and is not lost.

The hungry crocodile on the third page can open its mouth very wide and the crocodile head can be removed with a magnet button. On the fourth page there is a delicious ice cream with three scoops to discover and different colors to learn.

Careful, little duckling! Look out! The hungry crocodile is already opening its mouth, wide, wide. But the clever fox has an idea! A portion of strawberry red, three scoops of peppermint turquoise, a bit of cheese yellow and lots of cloud blue. Haps! Haps! What a hungry crocodile can eat! And already it snores, full and satisfied, and the duckling continues to swim merrily on the pond.

A rainbow-coloured quiet book for babies that helps your child to name and sort colors in many shades. With zips, buttons and other small details, pulling, turning, closing and opening trains basic fine motor skills such as the pincer grip and playfully trains hand and wrist motor skills. The special highlight: all kinds of treasures can be hidden in the hippo's mouth and there is a small photo pocket on the front of the book for a picture of your child. There are even tongue twisters in the storytelling: who can pronounce Hippopotamus the fastest?

This quiet book for babies offers a playful journey of discovery for little hands, like all kids brand jolly designs toys.

  • Rainbow Quiet Book activity book
  • Recommended age: from 6 months
  • Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 9 cm
  • Number of pages: 6 plus cover
  • Materials used: Felt and 100% cotton
  • Weight: 250g
  • Tested quality according to EN 71/1-3 and CE

Regenbogen Test Report (EN 71)

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