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Happy Sheep - test report

Happy Sheep (From 4 Months) - 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book

Jolly Designs
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There's lots to discover in our Quiet Book baby toy called Happy Sheep, from cute animals with different textures and sounds to playing peek-a-boo with the crab and dancing hippo. Our Happy Sheep Quiet Book baby toy is suitable for children aged 4 months and over.

Who could resist a cuddle from the fluffy sheep? Sing familiar sheep songs with your child or make sheep noises to help little ones associate sounds with the object.

A big red crab hides nimbly under the water and can move its arms from left to right and from top to bottom. But its favourite game is peek-a-boo, before it dives back into the water to compete with its favourite friends, the buttons. The different buttons are easy to move in the sea, hide them under the bush or let them slide towards the crab. Different sizes and colours help the little ones to associate colours and sizes.

The fish with its glittering silver fins can be felt.

The blue hippo wears a tutu skirt and is ready to dance around with his ballet troupe.

The bell has a soothing sound, ring the bell once or twice. Try it out, you might manage to sing a song.

Next to the bell is a cloud where the raindrops are made of beads and so you can decide whether it is raining or the sun is shining.

The sun in our silent book for babies Happy Sheep invites you to smile with it and all your worries will disappear in no time.

Decorated with bright sunbeams to feel and see, the sun can be turned around to look at the happy me.

All in all a lovely first feel Quiet Book baby toy, that enables to touch and feel the journey through different materials. The Happy Sheep silent book for babies is designed with great attention to detail.

The Happy Sheep Quiet Book baby toy is the perfect companion for out and about or at home.

Child Development Quiet Book Baby Toy Key Area:

  • Left-right training
  • dexterity
  • fine motor skills
  • Tweezer grip
  • Hand and wrist motor skills
  • language development
  • creative language development
  • colour recognition
  • sense of touch

Happy Sheep mini Quiet Book baby toy

  • Recommended age: from 4 months
  • Dimensions: 15 cm x 15 cm x 9 cm
  • Number of pages: 7 plus cover
  • Materials used: Felt and 100% cotton
  • Weight: 0,1 kg
  • Tested quality according to CE and EN 71/1-3

Happy Sheep Test Report (EN 71)

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