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Carnival test report Quiet Book - Jolly Designs
Carnival Quiet Book Test Report - Jolly Designs
Carnival - 6 Pages Quiet Book
Carnival - 6 Pages Quiet Book

Carnival - 6 Pages Quiet Book

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This educational toys for kids developments Carnival Quiet Book for two year olds takes your children on an imaginative journey of discovery through carnival, inviting the child to engage quietly over a long period of time, while specifically training the fine motor development of preschoolers. It leaves plenty of room for unique imagination to tell great stories around funny clowns, animal trains, some serious stunts by the cute monkey, a clown and a pirate.

It's a treat for little ones to discover so many colours and elements at once through the book, developing and refining fine motor skills, reasoning and logic.

The best creative educational gift for kids Carnival includes Velcro, buttons (magnet, buttonhole) and multiple closures that encourage tactile exploration and grasping and dexterity.

A playful exploration of the daily routine for little hands, like all Jolly Designs books.

As well as learning about the daily routine, the Carnival interactive Quiet Book encourages, among other things:

  • Sensory and language development
  • Recognition of contexts
  • Understanding time
  • colour recognition
  • Assignment
  • Fine motor skills
  • Vocabulary development
  • Learning to plait pigtails

Product details about the educational & learning toys for kids Carnival Quiet Book:

  • Carnival Shrovetide Quiet Book fabric book
  • recommended age: from 18 months
  • dimensions: 21.5 cm x 21.5 cm x 9 cm
  • Number of pages: 6 plus cover
  • Materials used: Felt and 100% cotton
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Tested quality according to EN 71/1-3 & CE

Karneval Test Report (EN 71 Teil1)

Karneval Test Report (EN 71 Teil 2)