CARAVAN - The Quiet Book by Jolly Designs x franzisaidwhat

Quiet Book

No sea, no lake, no land, no sky can offer a more magnificent adventure than your evolution. Than growing a little bit every day. To be able to do more, to see more, to be more.

CARAVAN - The Quiet Book

And in the same way, Caravan is not just to provide a toy, an occupation for you. It is to help you find your center in a quiet sorting game.

CARAVAN - The Quiet Book

It should show you what fine movements your little fingers are already capable of. Discover all the colours, understand connections, feel surfaces and solve riddles.

CARAVAN - The Quiet Book

Caravan is meant to accompany you on this wonderful journey into life, where buttons are magical, zippers can hide secret worlds and nothing more and nothing less than that opens up to you: the whole world.

Caravan is lovingly handcrafted

We are so proud to be able to accompany you and to put our heart and soul into your little hands, wrapped in fabric.

Caravan is lovingly handmade in the sewing room of Nishtha's family in India. Nishtha is the founder of Jolly Designs and has been running her start up since 2017, based in Hessen, Germany. The production in India is family-run, offers safe working conditions, pays fair wages and thus gives many workers, especially mothers and women, a well-paid and secure perspective. It sustainably supports the region and hundreds of families living there.

Caravan is recommended from 18 months to pre-school age. It is certified and tested according to EN71, the European Toy Standard. Please never leave your child completely unsupervised with Caravan.

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