Production Process

Handmade Toys in Germany

All our products are made of high quality raw materials by the finest artisans in India respecting European standards (EN 71).All our Quiet Books are made by Cubs and Calves in India (a household brand for Quiet books in India). We represent Cubs and Calves’ Quiet Books exclusively across Europe and work closely together to cater to the needs of customers in Europe.

Here is the “Little Rainbow Booklet” video describing the production process. From choosing fabrics, to using accessories, cutting, stitching etc. All the processes are done using high quality materials approved by European Testing Specifications (EN 71) or best available in the market.

When you buy handmade products, you are not buying just another product off the shelf. The artisans put their heart and soul in making something worthwhile. Therefore, though we try to maintain as much symmetry as possible, some changes in the tiny details, patterns or stitches is what makes the product incomparable. The feeling of something special and precious, made with love, made by hands.

The cheerful video was made in house by the team of enthusiastic artists at Cubs and Calves.