Magic Bird – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book


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This cute little mini quiet book “Wild Bird” measures 6*6 inches and is filled with all thing’s animals and nature. It has no loose pieces to make sure your book is intact at all times, ideal to use during car drives, train rides, doctor visits or simply at home without keeping a track of the loose pieces!

It includes velcros, zippers, buttons (magnetic, button hole), laces and several clasps that promote tactile exploration and encourage grasping and finger strength – the fine motor skills.

True to its name, Wild Bird is designed around animals and nature scenes. Including the front and back, this sensory fabric toy in the form of a book features 8 colorful, unique pages with snuggly dog, bee, cow, fish, rainbows and the sun.

Page 1: Play pee-a-boo with the bird’s wing,

Page 2: Button the bow-tie to the pup. Learn how to button and unbutton.

Page 3: Play with the bee and try popping it on your finger as a puppet. Use it as a story time prop and learn to work with moving the fingers around.

Page 4: Feed the fish and count (fine motor practice, basic math)

Page 5: Have fun brushing the cow and feeding it some flowers. Imagination is yours!

Page 6: Practice zipping and unzipping with rainbow zippers

Page 7: Lace the colorful happy sun.

Page 8: The back page of the book closes using a magnetic snap button

This quiet book is suitable for the age group 2 years to 5 years and grows with the child.

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