Rainbow- 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book


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The beautiful Rainbow pastel mini Quiet Book is a tactile toy that will ignite a child’s imagination and lead to hours of fun.

The Rainbow Quiet Book can be used to promote colors and fine motor skills such as learning to use different kinds of buttons, clasps and zippers.

Each page represents one color from the Rainbow (VIBGYOR) and has a unique activity to do and skill to learn.

  • • The RED strawberry cover page allows for some personalization. Children love faces – store their or a family picture in the photo slot provided.
  • • An ORANGE fox is ready to play peek-a-boo!
  • • The YELLOW duck looks lovely on the cool blue water. Learn to button-unbutton the cloud.
  • • A GREEN alligator’s moving jaws is eye catchy. Learn to work with snap buttons.
  • • Who loves the BLUE ice-cream? Stack, learn gradients of the color blue, dark and light shades and count 1,2,3.
  • • An INDIGO fish and its eye – move around the maze and position the eye correctly.
  • • A VIOLET hippo is hungry. How about some cheese and apple? Learn to zip and un-zip.

The color palette of the Rainbow mini quiet book – blush pink, coral cantaloupe, lemon sorbet, arctic blue, mint sea foam, sugared lilac, smoke blue – is magical, soothing, romantic and calm .

Size: 15×15 cms

Material: 100% premium cotton fabrics, European certified eco felt, buttons, zips, Velcro.

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