”When I grow up” 2 Pages Booklet


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As toy makers, educationalists, parents and responsible adults, we understand the importance of creating toys without gender boundaries.

Our booklets are designed with this in mind – there is no place for designs that silence, stereotype or constrain.

Here, in this Professions booklet, is where imaginations come alive.
Here is where the child will be able to choose how they want to pretend play, who they want to be, which profession they want to play out etc , without being biased by gender stereotypes.
Here is where we do NOT categorise by gender – we do not say “this is a boys profession”, “this is a girl’s profession”

And here is where we avoid exclusionary forms – fireman, air-hostess, policeman, postman, watchman and use inclusionary alternatives instead- firefighter, flight attendant/cabin crew, police officer, postal carrier, security officer.

The professions booklet is a 21*21 cms,two page booklet made of European Certified felt. The two doll figures, who like to call themselves Finn and Lilly, have 10 profession outfits that represent various occupations such as : Chef, Fire Fighter, Doctor, Navy Officer, Police Officer, Astronaut, Farmer, Contractor, Business Person , Postal Carrier.

Each of these outfits are tailor made for both Finn and Lilly and have a velcro hook and loop mechanism to be attached and detached on the doll figures. Five of these professional outfits have caps as well to help with fine motor skills – putting the caps on and taking them out can give a nice work out to those tiny fingers and aid in hand eye coordination.

As always, all the detachable pieces have their own place and pockets to be put back into and the booklet closes to carry with a velcro belt closure.

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