Prism – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book


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Cover Page and Page 1:

With a beautiful rainbow on the cover page, the book opens to an apple tree with two apples on velcro hook and loop that can be plucked and collected in a basket.

Since the apples are on velcro, detaching them promotes the early use of pincer grip.

Page 2:

The shape page allows the child to match, identify and name the basic geometric shapes. The shapes are backed by Velcro® and can be detached and reattached.

Each shape varies only in its structure while the color and size remain constant (isolation of quality). By eliminating other elements (color and size), the child in this activity will focus only on shapes.

Pages 3-4:

Pretend play, match and pair socks. The washing machine can be opened and has a pocket to store and wash the socks giving the child a sense of real world play.

Page 5:

A magnetic fishing rod that the child can use to catch the fish. A great activity that encourages hand eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Page 6:

Stack the xylophone bars according to their size. This introduces the concept of order and sequence along with size.

Our Mini Quiet Books allow you to keep them with you at all times such as in your purse, backpack, or comfortably in your hand. You can take them along when you’re traveling, or even use them as decorative pieces on your child’s desk, book shelf or coffee table.

Perfect for birthdays, baby showers, naming ceremonies or even just a hey-I-got-you-something-special gift! These incredibly adorable mini Quiet Books are the ones you need to go out and get for yourself now.

The Prism Mini Quiet Book which is designed based on early learning concepts and skills around matching, pairing, sorting, counting is worth seeking out for your child.

100% sewn and EN71 certified, within this fabric based interactive Mini Quiet Book are multiple opportunities for creative and imaginative play.

Size: 15×15 cm

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