Me All Day – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book


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Cover Page:

Are you considering moving into this beautifully crafted tiny house made of fabric and felt?

Because we are!

Pages 1-2:

On opening the book you will find the bedroom with a bed on the left and a bath on the right-hand side.A comfortable bed and pillow completes the warm setting of the room. Detachable sun and moon for depicting day and night.

While on the bath page, you can get the little girl to brush and bathe.

Pages 3-4:

On the left are the little girl’s outfits. Won’t you help her dress up?The laundry room on the right that includes a washing machine for pretend washing and drying.

Pages 5-6:

Dining hall on the left and an adorable park with slide, swing and flowers on the right.

The Me All Day Mini Quiet Book is designed based on early learning concepts and skills around pretend play, fine motor skills, hand dexterity and free play is worth seeking out for your child.

100% sewn and EN71 certified, within this fabric based interactive Mini Quiet Book are multiple opportunities for creative and imaginative play.

Size: 15×15 cm

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