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The fundamental senses of seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting encourage a child’s curiosity. And this adorably cute sensory mini quiet book intends to do just that.

Little Hearts sensory book is where development comes into play. Little ones are introduced to different activities in the book that allow those smaller actions between thumb and fingers that promote fine motor development.

Your child will love this soft activity book—there’s fresh excitement at every turn of the page! Each of the three pages features bright colours, friendly objects, and a variety of different textures for your little one to explore. With built-in surprises like a hidden squeaker, a self-discovery mirror, noise makers and crinkly papers, there’s so much for your baby to enjoy, either at home or on the go!

Page 1: Little Hearts
Three different sized felt hearts that help demonstrate big, medium and small.

Page 2: Sun, Cloud and Rainbow
A self discovery mirror sun, tic tac laced rainbow and the pom pom lining cloud.

Page 3: Furry Cat
An orange furry tailed cat.

Page 4: Zeffe the Zebra
An adorable white netted dressed Zebra with black wooly hair.

Page 5: Blue Bird
A hidden squeaker in the blue bird’s wings.

Page 6 : Yellow Giraffe
A long elastic necked giraffe that tries its best to eat the crinkly paper leaf.

Page 7: The Red Bell
A noise maker red bell that moves about easily.

All of the pages of this quiet book are handmade. The book construction ensures there aren’t loose pieces to keep track of.

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