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Auto bahn is a vehicle themed mini quiet book that includes vehicles across the land, sky and water medium.

This is for all those little boys or girls that love vehicles and anything that moves. Hot Wheels is full of fun activities to keep little hands busy.It has no loose pieces to make sure your book is intact at all times, ideal to use during car drives, train rides, doctor visits or simply at home without keeping a track of the loose pieces!

Each page is made out of 100% cotton fabric, and OEKO-TEX certified felt.

All pieces have been sewn on by machine / hand for durability.

Size: 6*6 inches

This book includes the following activities:
Page 1: Open the tich button (tich button practice) of the rocket to find a brown bear ready to take off. The bear is a finger puppet that can be popped on your finger and well, he’s on a trip!

Page 2: The wheels of the bus go round and round. The wheels are on magnetic snap buttons. Learn to snap the button and rotate – work on hand eye coordination.

Page 3: Airplane that can be slid on a chord from point to point. Learn the concepts of slow and fast, left and right point A to point B.

The red car opens (velcro closure) to the inside of the car where the bear can be tucked in and the seat belt fastened. Work with buckles and velcro.

Page 4: Train shapes – Put a picture of yourself in the photo slot and see who is driving the train! identify different shapes, name them and talk about their properties. Identify colors. The wheel of the engine is on a button. Practice and improve the buttoning/unbuttoning (buttonhole) skill.

Page 5: Move the buttons around the maze and sort them in their respective carriages/color spaces. Count 1-5, learn concepts such as greater than, lesser than, addition and subtraction.

Page 6: The ship with a zip and Velcro funnels. Learn how to zip and unzip as well as Velcro and unvelcro

Page 7: Hot Air Balloon and the floating cloud that is attached using a velcro hook and look. Learn to use elastic closures on the hot air balloon and let the bear enjoy the hot air ride!

Page 8: The back page of the book closes using a magnetic snap button.

Great for quiet times at home or when you’re out and about – long car/plane rides, doctor’s offices etc, this quiet book comes in beautiful shades of pastel blue, yellow, lavender, coral , grey, pink with pop of colors in felt.

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