Learning toys for kids

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Quiet books

These books are interactive toy in the form of a book, providing a child with hours of play and learning. Each page has a couple of activities depending upon age and interest. It could be as simple as identifying colors, feeling textures to more complicated like solving puzzle or learning how to read time.



Kids room Décor ornaments

Our range of cute and unique room decor ornaments are made of felt to add a special touch to your nursery/kid’s room.



Handmade Wooden Toys

From now on we can welcome beautiful handmade wooden toys from Russia in our assortment. The toy is made exclusively from local lime and birch. So we remain true to our motto to sell toys that can be passed on from generation to generation without losing their attractiveness.They are durable, stable and beautiful.





We offer a range of cute and adorable masks to let those inquisitive minds run wild with their imaginations. The masks can be used for various occassions ranging from

    • • Carnival
    • • Pretend Play
    • • Birthdays
    • • Halloween
    • • Christmas Presents

and so much more!



Hair accessories

No occasion is complete without the appropriate hair accessories! We provide a variety of unique and cute hair accessories to fit to various occasions from simple everyday use to party wear or any special occasion



Little hand bags

Handbags are perfect for the little girls to carry their belongings around in style. We offer a range of carefully designed handbags for the little princess looking to keep her treasures safe.


A Few Words About Us

Learning toys for kids

EN 71 Certified

Our Quiet Books are made with high quality materials.

The Quiet Books are safe and non-toxic. All our fabrics are 100% cotton and the felt we use is approved by European Testing Specifications.

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Development skills:

Our Quiet books help to achieve your little one, his/her development skills without him/her realizing it. The books are made in an intuitive manner to let the child discover the open-ended play on his/her own without the barrier of language or culture.

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Our Quiet books are intuitive that means they do the least, inspiring the kids to do the most. Imagine

    • • tying shoelaces
    • • zipping up a jacket
    • • learning to button a shirt
    • • braiding hair
    • • telling time
    • • solving puzzles
    • • hanging laundry
    • • harvesting fruits and vegetables
    • • making a flower
    • • baking a cake
    • • dousing fire (firefighter and fire engine)
    • • sequencing planets in the solar system
    • • matching continents on the world map
    • • scoring a goal (a football maze)
    • • playing tic-tac-toe, even peek-a-boo…

All by turning pages of the books! It’s a magical, joyous world of play out there.

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Easy to carry:

The books are ideal for car ride, air travel, doctor’s waiting room and all around the house.

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All the interactive books are available off the shelf which means you don’t have to undergo the hassle of pre-ordering and waiting long for your delivery. Once you place the order, it is shipped within 2-3 working days, it is that simple.

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Free shipping:

Free shipping for every order in DE from 45€ and Rest EU from 75€

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A trunk full of treasure:

Imagine a trunk or a cupboard full of toys in one book, which could be carried everywhere

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