Ozean – 2 Seiten
Ozean – 2 Seiten
Ozean – 2 Seiten
Ozean – 2 Seiten

Ocean - 2 Pages

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This premium silent book for toddlers Ocean shows what the magical underwater world offers. This silent Book of two-pages convinces with its coloured design and invites children to dive into the magical and beautiful ocean. Are you going on holiday to the sea and the beach but you have a long journey ahead of you? No problem! With our acitivity and silent Book it won't be boring anymore and prepares super for a relaxing and fun holiday.

Arrived at the beach and the ocean Quiet Book right in front of your eyes? Get your swimsuit out and put on your sunglasses then you're off to the beautiful ocean book. Can you see the beautiful corals? Look there! There's a red crab running along the bottom - it looks funny. Can you lift it up with your fishing rod? Wow, there's even a seahorse hiding in the ocean. Can you see it? Come on - we'll try again here with the fishing rod. Can you see all the fish? The ocean activity Quiet Book has so much to offer. Do you know what the other animals are called? Get the rod again and try to put all the animals of the ocean next to each other and name them.

The two-pages silent book for toddlers Ocean, measuring 21*21 cm, is not only a great activity, but also encourages:

  • logical thinking
  • vocabulary expansion
  • concept big and small, indoors and outdoors
  • eye-hand coordination
  • different closures
  • fine motor skills

Play suggestions for the activity and silent book for toddlers:

  • Fishing with our magnetic fishing rod
  • Themes underwater world, sea and beach: mammals, invertebrates, fish. How do animals breathe? How do they move? What do they eat?
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Sorting by colours
  • Free storytelling
  • Illustrating songs and short stories

Silent book for toddlers product description:

  • recommendation for age: from 2 years
  • dimensions: 21,5cm*21,5cm
  • used materials: felt and 100% cotton
  • weight: 250 grams
  • examined quality according to EN71/1-3 and CE

Ocean Booklet - Test Report (EN-71)