Auf dem Bauernhof – 2 Seiten
Auf dem Bauernhof – 2 Seiten
Auf dem Bauernhof – 2 Seiten-1
On The Farm - 2 Pages

On The Farm - 2 Pages

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Do you already know what animals there are on the farm? Let's look inside the book and find out which animals live where. Have you found the donkey? "IAAA" Look behind the fence, he is hiding there. The journey on the farm continues. What is that hopping? Let's look behind the green bush, there's a purple bunny hiding right under the sun. "OINK OINK" what's that sound?. All full of mud here!!! Only a pig can feel comfortable there. The booklet leads us further to a small pond. Do you know what animals live in the water? The booklet shows you. One of them is yellow and waddles on two little feet - Well, do you know it?

On the next page in the learning booklet for 2 year olds, the farm fun continues. You can even set up a tree here and pick the fruit, just like on a real farm! Now let's take a look behind the colorful hills. There are some farm animals hiding there too. Can you find them all and do you know their names? Before our farm adventure in the booklet is over, we have to turn the windmill again!

With the learning booklet On the Farm for 2 year olds, babies and toddlers can make their first experiences about nature, farms and animals. Therefore, their creativity is given free rein and they can spend many hours with this booklet.

This book is perfect for home, the doctor's waiting room, or long train rides.

What makes this booklet special?

  • Educational value
  • Practical, compact format
  • Lightweight and travel friendly
  • Montessori toy
  • Recommended by children experts
  • Proven quality
  • Unique and made with love
  • Super cute 3-D elements
  • 10 finger puppets