Auf dem Bauernhof – 2 Seiten
Auf dem Bauernhof – 2 Seiten
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Auf dem Bauernhof – 2 Seiten - report
On The Farm - 2 Pages

On The Farm - 2 Pages

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The activity toy Farm invites to an adventure on the Farmto enjoy some great activities.

Do you know which animals live on a Farm? Let's take a look together into the educational and activity Quiet Book Farm and explore where which animals live. Did you find the horse? "IIIIAAA" look! Behind the fence. It is hiding over there! Let's continue our farm adventure. Oh, what is hobbling there? Let's look behind the green bush. A purple rabbit is hiding behind the bush. "OINK OINK" what's that for a noise? All muddy here. That's the ideal living space for a pig.The activity Quiet Book now is taking us to a pond. Do you know what animals live in the water?

On the next page in activity toys Farm the fun is being continued. You even can build your own tree! Try that out and harvest its fruits! Let's take a look over the colored hills, some animals are hiding there . Can you find them all and name them? Before our adventure on the Farm takes an end we still have to spin the windmill.

With the activity toy for 0-3 years old may gather some first experiences what concerns time spending in the nature and on the farm. They can improve creativity while playing with this activity book at home or when traveling.

By using the activity book Farm, the following skills will be encouraged:

  • logical thinking
  • matching colours
  • expanding vocabulary
  • concept of big and small, indoors and outdoors
  • eye-hand coordination
  • different closures
  • Fine motor skills

Productdetails for activity book Farm:

Suggested games:
1) name different colours
2) imitate animal sounds: neighing, mooing, grunting, barking
3) big and small - the correct names for animals
4) windmill: the principle of fast and slow, left and right
5) free storytelling
6) scenic illustration of children's songs
7) two- or three-dimensional design

age recommendation: from 2 years

  • dimensions: 21,5 cm x 21,5 cm
  • used materials: felt and 100% cotton
  • weight: 250g
  • audited quality: EN 71/1-3 and CE

On The Farm Booklet - Test Report (EN-71)