Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book
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Fluttering Butterfly – 6 Pages Mini Quiet Book

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Happiness is a butterfly, a boy and a toy – so we combined all the three and made a colorful butterfly mini quiet book for babe and you.
The fluttering butterfly quiet book has everything from a butterfly to bunny in a carrot car, a see-you-in-me mirror ladybug, monkey and its banana, a colorfully colorful spiky hedgehog, teddy who wants to play peek-a-boo , be snapped and buckled and an inviting seashore setting with water maze activity and oyster with a pearl that’s you 🙂
Here’s a more detailed explanation, page wise :
Page 1/ Cover Page :
Three colorful butterflies in varying sizes for
a) size identification – small, medium,big
b) size sorting and stacking
c) button-buttonhole fine motor practice
The butterfly’s varying size is also made all the more beautiful with comforting color variations that add depth and dimension for the child to see, feel and observe.

These butterflies can also be used to lace through using the lace in the Hedgehog page that you will see on Page 5.

Page 2:
A bunny for your bunny that drives a carrot car !
The bunny is on an elastic that can be pulled to experience cause and effect. It is a finger puppet as well, so the child can pop it on their fingers for a pretend/free play. The wheels of the carrot car are on a velcro hook and loop that can be detached and reattached.

Page 3:
Children love ladybugs and mirrors. So we got these two together to create this elegant lady bug mirror for :
a) peek -a- boo
b) self exploration
c) sensorial
The ladybug’s wings can be rotated and used for understanding concepts like:
a) open and close
b) up and down
c) left and right
The leaf on a chord on the left can also be moved and helps with concepts like
a) up and down
b) slow and fast
c) point A to Point B movement
d) quarter, half, three-fourth, full

Page 4:
Would you like to feed the hungry monkey? Unzip the zipper mouth and feed him a banana. Children can learn to use a zipper and practice working on it.

Page 5:
A colorfully colorful spiky hedgehog that has ten colorful spikes through which the child can count and lace.
a) basic counting 1-10
b) color identification and naming
c) lacing , threading and knotting

Page 6:
Play peek-a-boo with the teddy and
1) snap button his dress (magnetic snap button)
2) buckle him (buckle activity)

Page 7:
A soothing water-land sea-side setting with –
a) buttons that can be moved around – movement of buttons advocates fine motor practice. Encourage children to move the buttons around in a way that they arrange and form basic shapes such as square, circle, triangle and so on.
b) the buttons are 10 in number and hence can be used for basic counting and math. Play greater than and lesser than game by splitting the buttons into two groups. Similarly you can work on concepts such as addition, subtraction, odd, even.
c) the oyster can be opened with a tich button that enables fine motor practice.
d) a small photo of the child / family can be placed in the photo slot provided. they are the pearl they are looking for – don’t forget to tell them that!
e) plants on the right side are on velcro hook and loop and can be pulled apart and reattached.

We are in love with the comprehensiveness of this book that is thoughtfully made by artisans. We are more than sure that you and your babe will enjoy and benefit from it too.

Fluttering Butterfly Mini Quiet Book Test Report(EN 71)