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Felt masks are based on different topics, giving reasons for toddlers to love and wearing them. By wearing felt masks, they get to dive into another world and take on a different personality, whether it is that of their favorite animal or that of a pirate. Felt masks for children, therefore, provide an opportunity for the unusual and special play. This makes them aware that animals behave differently from humans. This concerns not only the food, but also the living environment. Felt masks for children often relate to the themes associated with animals. Three-year-olds who like to imitate animals, feel a real flow of play through the use of felt masks leaning on various topics. Felt masks for birthday parties are also popular, because they allow several children at the same time to dive into a completely different world and take on different roles. They can also express accumulated experiences in relation to the animal world, which they have made for example in the zoo or on a longer walk in nature, through their animal masks. This builds a certain closeness to animals and nature. In addition, creativity, and free, independent play but also the use of language, as well as logical thinking is promoted..

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