Hey You! - 6 pages Quiet Book

A toy to learn about the daily routine in a playful way.

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As a doctor in pediatrics and a mom, I love Quiet Books. Especially because Quiet Books are so intuitive, free play is encouraged without overwhelming the children. My child loves his Quiet Book and spends a lot of time alone and independently with it.
Dr. Celine Schlager, MD

Designed in Germany
Oekotex Certified
Child Safe

Meaningful Play

This play essential enhances specific cognitive, fine motor and social & emotional skills. Find out which milestones they cover below.

Logical Thinking

Fosters logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

Problem Solving

Improves critical thinking and logical reasoning.

Sorting & Matching

Improves understanding of categorization and comparison.

Colour recognition

Boosts visual communication & color perception.


Fosters staying engaged & ability to stay focused.

Hand-eye Coordination

Boosts coordination between hand and visual perception.

Customer Reviews

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Irmgard Hollering
Occupation for the whole family

With the high-quality designed book pages, young and old can playfully convey and illustrate everyday skills. The detailed design of the individual pages justifies the already high price. I have not regretted the purchase for my grandchildren.

Doris Trinkl
Order Quiet Book

The book is delightful and very elaborately finished, which also justifies the price. Delivery worked great.

Silvan Bieri

Hey you! - 6 pages Quiet Book

Sabine Stimmler
Nice book

All in all very nice, the toothbrush is made of much too soft and thin felt. One could take a firmer one. The child has problems with it , in the book to brush the teeth, toothbrush always buckles.

Anne Eck

Hey you! - 6 pages Quiet Book