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Yippeee…and what a start!!!

We shall be exhibiting our latest products at the upcoming Christmas Market “Weihnachtsmarkt” at Bad Homburg!! The exhibition takes place on all the December weekends starting 2nd December until 23rd December.

From Christmas ornaments to stocking stuffers, gifts for women, kids as well as decorations, one can find them all under one stall.

Please stop by to get exciting deals. We will keep you updated about our latest news and additions, keep tuned!

Location: Stand Number 23 in der Herrngasse, Bad Homburg

Here comes a video which helps you gain behind the scenes processes involved in making our handmade interactive books. The production process involves various people at multiple stages in order to create the wonderful handmade interactive quiet books before they reach the tiny hands.

It is relevant to show to our customers the multiple stages and the minute details the production process goes through, which makes our products unique, special and handmade with love.

From designing, to choosing appropriate fabrics, accessories, patterns etc. it takes numerous days involving various experts to thoughtfully design each page to bring the books to those little hands to play.

Our new developments are tested by kids of different age groups not only to find improvements but also to check the viability of the books for distinct age categories.

We hope you and your child enjoys playing with our Quiet Book as much as we do in making them. With love ????

Are our Quiet books mere books or possess the power of a trunk full of toys?
Unlike plastic toys, which take some hundred years to decompose, our 100% bio degradable eco-friendly books are fabric based, have multiple activities on each page that improve and strengthen fine motor skills, logic, concentration, focus, hand eye coordination, sensory perception and independent play

What more, the subtle power it possesses as a wordless book, helps to make one a narrator from a reader. It encourages open-ended discussions and narratives as expansive as one’s imagination.

These books are perfect for places where you really pray your child will be quiet, like on a flight, in church, on long drive or simply at the latest doctor visit.