About Us

Innovative Kids Accessories by Jolly Designs

I, Nishtha Jolly, stand behind the family business Jolly Designs. I was born and raised in New Delhi, India. From there I moved to Germany in 2011. Meanwhile, I live in beautiful Hesse, Germany together with my husband Naman and our children Naomika and Nevaan, who were both born in Germany.

I have a Bachelor in Mathematics (Honours) from the University of Delhi, India. After the birth of my children I started my studies at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management in Frankfurt a.M., Germany, where I graduated with a Master in Finance (M.Sc.).

When Nevaan was three years old, he was diagnosed with a speech development disorder and we started a series of therapies. To support him, I started looking for suitable educational toys. During the close contact with therapists I came across Quiet Books and was totally surprised how the books improved our son’s imagination, concentration and language in a playful way. Not only that – our then five-year-old daughter was also able to immerse herself in the play with these books for hours. I soon found out that Quiet Books were also incredibly popular with other children, not only because of the many employment opportunities that each individual book offered.

I come from a business family, and I myself ran a family business for over ten years before coming to Germany. Both of these gave me the basis for understanding the basics of a business model with handmade products. That is how Jolly Designs came into being as a start-up based in Königstein im Taunus.

In contrast to the majority of toys available on the market, Jolly Designs Quiet Books are exclusively handmade with attention to detail and a great deal of care. You can see and feel that. You can say they are innovative kids accessories.

Our goal is to offer a high-quality and durable toy for children that can be passed on from generation to generation. Handmade, analogue and without batteries, with a focus on the needs of children, with a sense of aesthetics and a lot of attention to detail.

Production Process:

The cheerful video was made in house by the team of enthusiastic artists at Cubs and Calves.