About Us

Jolly Designs

Jolly Designs stands for all things quirky, playful, make-believe and fairytales. Our whimsical world of artefacts ranges from quiet books, masks and cute kid accessories for toddlers and young children.

We believe in creating high quality, innovative and responsibly made products for those curious and imaginative little minds.

With an increase in the battery-operated toys and apps developed only for kids, our range of quiet books bring back the pleasure of open ended play. Our books are meant to improve motor skills in babies and toddlers – both fine and gross through a range of little things they do with their hands. Snipping, matching up, fixing – are little things that foster new neural connections in their brains improving manual dexterity and spatial perception.

More advanced toys aren’t always the best. It’s important to have toys, which help the little minds inculcate creativity, entice curiosity, deliver new experiences, highlight the human individuality and allow interaction with others as well as role play.

Our books are loved and well appreciated by all age groups i.e. not only kids but also by their parents and grandparents. Our signature style reflects the love for nature, music, art and travel.

Who are we?

Jolly Designs is a family run start-up created in 2017 and is located in Königsteinim Taunus, in Germany. Our motto is “Where imaginations come alive!” We offer a world full of fun and play where kids can be kids! We have quickly become a name to reckon with for quality handmade Quiet Books and accessories for kids across Europe.

What we do stand for?

To create and develop a new line of “Kids and Baby” playful and ethical products, with a high-level of quality,
including raw materials, impeccable finishing, the harmony of color palettes in a bundle of visually stimulating patterns to promote brain development!


Currently, Jolly Designs is a young team of enthusiastic people working on this project every day, and many contributors, who share the same vision and the philosophy of the brand: our partners in India, photographers, designers, bloggers, entrepreneurs and technicians.

Brief History:

In December 2017, we actively started our business with a range of 6 Quiet Books and a few accessories for kids. Last minute luck and we got to exhibit our range at the Christmas market in Bad Homburg (Hochtaunuskreis) which takes place on the 4 Advent weekends every year.

Jan 2018- The response at the Christmas market was phenomenal, and we decided to go ahead with the business full time and started B2C sales at all Babywelt Messe and DaWanda Kreative markets across Germany. By now we have quickly expanded our main product line (Quiet Books) from mere 6 to 20 books and growing.

Although we started only in Germany, we have developed a customer base by word of mouth from more than 15 countries across Europe.

What will be next? We will continue to add more Quiet Books and other accessories to wholesale and retail market place so that you will have even more to choose from.

Production Process:

The cheerful video was made in house by the team of enthusiastic artists at Cubs and Calves.